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Top 3 Reviews Of Best Baby Proof Doors

Yes, it is true that a huge number of kids end up to the doctor’s place because of the home accidents. But we have got good news for you. 90% of the home accidents can be prevented if you take certain precautions for your kid. We know that being a parent is a tough job.

You have to take care of so many things. But ultimately, your child is worth the care. Now, to make your house child proof, the first things you need to ensure are the doors and hinges of the doors in your room. To know the whereabouts of your kids, you can use supervision cameras, but that might not work as an immediate safety measure in case of an accident. This is why you need to consider pro-active childproofing.

As your child grows, you need to teach him what is safe and what is not. But it is highly unlikely that they are going to listen to everything you say. The cheapest and easiest way to baby-proofing your home is to limit the access of certain parts of the house like the laundry room, the garage, terrace, loft, craft room, under construction rooms and kitchen.

You have to secure the cabinets too so that your child cannot open the doors and get into the cabinets. Here in this article, we are going to offer you a complete guide about how to baby proof doors and the top 3 baby proof doors available.

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Is it really necessary to baby proof doors?

The simple answer is YES! It is necessary because children are always curious about the doors and windows. Not only they just love to swing on the doors but they are also very curious to know what is behind the door. It is great when your kid goes from one room to another but it is not so good when he/she reaches to the kitchen or store room. Apart from causing an accident with sharp or heavy objects, your kid can also get his/her hand clipped on the door hinges. So you just cannot ignore baby proofing of doors.

How To Baby Proof All Types Of Doors?

Now that we are very clear that we need to make all the doors of your house baby proof, here are the things you can do to baby proof them. The first thing you have to do is look out for the range of articles available in the market to baby proof doors. Yes, some of them might become too flimsy but they do prevent a lot of accidents. These are the four things you need to prevent.

  • Slamming prevention- To prevent your kid’s fingers being clenched in between door hinges.
  • Locking certain rooms inside the house so that your kid doesn’t go there.
  • Preventing outside access for both the front and back doors so that your kid cannot go out all of a sudden.
  • Emergency unlocking: In case your child gets locked in a certain room.

Slamming Prevention

Believe it or not, your child will love to swing the door over and over again. It is what they do. Even my parents told me when I was a kid I used to swing with the doors feeling like a superhero. Door stoppers are a great option for preventing your kid’s fingers from getting smashed. It is also great for the adults to prevent accidents. The door stoppers are a foam based clamp looking article which forms a layer between the door and your finger.

These door stoppers are available in different designs and aesthetics. You can choose different cute looking door stoppers for your kid. If you can draw attention to it by choosing bright colors and animal faces, your kid might think it as a toy.

Locking Doors

Now if you want to prevent your kid from entering into certain rooms then you have to keep it locked all day. But you can’t do that all day because you might need to use that room and forget to lock it back again. That is when accidents can happen with your kid. To prevent this hassle, you can use the standard hinged door covers. You can cover the knob with the protector for the standard hinged doors. For the bi-folded doors, you can cover the hinge at the top of the door. For the sliding/pocket/swing doors, you can create a latch on the door frame or use a securing strap.

You need to know there are varieties of doors present in a house. While you didn’t care about it much when there was no child at your home, but once you have a child you know them. Since so many door handles are available, you might find it difficult to find the suitable cover or the latch. Just try out one piece at a time.

Preventing the outside access

If your kid is too persistent on going out through the front or back door very often, then it is high time to make the door baby proof. You can install the deadbolt or the security door chain as high as possible so that your kid is not able to reach it. If you are a renter then it I time to talk to the landlord to make the doors baby proof. Most of the landlords are supportive in this case.

You can find the hardware making of the door and get some hardware locks which matches with the same brand. Use the hook and eye mechanism; mount it on the door frame with the door. These mountings are not very invasive and you can repair it with wood filler and paint it too according to the same color of the door.

If you don’t like this, then you can use the adhesive based strap. You won’t need to make any drills but there must be two flat surfaces for the adhesive. A super styled front door may not be suitable for this one.

Emergency unlocking

Well, there are certain doors in our rooms which have locking system from the inside like bedrooms and bathrooms. You would never want your kid to get locked in such rooms. So what can do? There are certain door knobs which come with a system of pressure based locking/unlocking. These systems look like a small punch hole within the center or the bottom of the knob. It can unlock the door from both sides. So it’s a safe option to make doors baby proof.

You can also use the small Allen Wrench (a Hex-shaped tool), and a screwdriver to pop the lock. If you have an older door lock, then replace it with a hardware that has a pressure based locking/unlocking system.

Tips to select the best baby proofing doors

While you are looking for the best baby proofing doors, the first thing you need to check is whether your child is observant and whether he/she is capable of circumventing the door lock. Trust me; you will be amazed how intelligent a toddler can be nowadays. So, I suggest you that please don’t assume that since you are making a door baby proof, they won’t be able to get through it.

The next question you have to remember is will you be able to open the door when you need? This is something that is overlooked. You will use the door securing device for the rest of your life, so do not choose a product which will frustrate you every time.

Basically we are here today with some of the doors which are very much important for babies and your pets both because it can prevent them to go outside the room and feel free to play inside the home. You will find some doors very suitable while others may not be suitable. Some products will just hold the door from causing injury to fingers while others will stop the baby from playing with the knob. Here are the 3 top baby proof doors.

Top 3 Best Baby Proof Doors


Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Through Gate

Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Through Gate

Description :

This is one of the best products to stop your little kid to get into places which are not safe. This Easy Step extra tall gate is 41” tall. It is made up of durable steel and this is what ensures that your kid is not going weave around the place where there are chances of getting harmed.

This baby proof door comes with lever style handles and walk-through design. It is a very sturdy gate which will help you in protecting your child. It is an all steel construction where the safety gate comes with a pressure mount system. This one is just perfect for the stairs and doorways. You can use it in front of the stairs to keep your toddler from tripping and falling down the stairs. It is perfect for the kids who are a bit too enthusiastic.

The gate is portable and there is a safety lock feature which makes it really easy for the adults to use it. You can rely on the construction when you are not able to monitor your kid. The four pressure points will let you install it easily and you can adjust the door according to the height of your baby.

This is why it offers a very stable fit. The gate is absolutely PVC free and this one is also certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. The gate also meets the standards of American Society for Testing Materials. This gate is 41 inches tall as we mentioned above and it also includes a 6-inch extension which can increase the width to 40 inches too. You can also purchase two extension kits for accommodating wider spaces.

The gate is very conveniently designed. It allows the adults to walk through by simply lifting the lever. But it is impossible for the babies and toddlers. Apart from keeping your kids to safety, you can also use these doors to train your pets at home.



  • It is very light in weight and it is really easy to install.
  • It is portable and you can carry it along with you on your next trip.
  • You will get a 90-day manufacturer warranty. So if you are not satisfied with the product then you can return the product and as for a complete refund.
  • It comes with pressure mounted feature “wall saver” design. You won’t need any tools to repair it.
  • For added security, it also comes with 4 wall cups.
  • You can open it with one hand and this one is great for children of age 6 to 36 months.
  • The opening of this gate is a bit narrow and this is why it might be a bit difficult for pregnant women to get in and out repeatedly.
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Summer Infant Multi-Use Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Infant Multi-Use Walk-Thru Gate

Description :

This is second in our list of top 3 baby proof doors. One of the main reasons why it is so much popular is, it protects the babies without compromising in design and quality. The design of this gate is so cool that you can use it anywhere near the stairs or other places if you want to.

It is made up of the best quality steel. It is very adjustable and it accommodates different openings starting from the hallways, door frames, and staircases. To make it easier to use in different rooms, the Summer Infant doors come with pressure mounted tension bolts. And this is why when you are going to install it; you will not need any additional mounting or drilling.

This door will not leave any marks or scratches on the wall. You will also get the optional hardware along with it for secure installation. When you mount it with the door stopper then the gate is just perfect for use at any place. This one is 36 inches tall which is beyond the reach of toddlers or other small pets. You can adjust the openings from 28 inches to 47.5 inches. You will also get a 5 inch and a 10-inch extension. It helps you in creating a custom fit.

You will have features like one handed usage and automatic closing. Open the gate in both the directions when you use it in between the rooms. When you use it in the stairway, there is an included door stop. If you use that, it will offer you an additional security and stop the door from swinging over the stairs. There is a dual locking system which offers a peace of mind that the gate is securely locked. The quality provided by the manufacturer is best in class and you rest assured about it.



  • It is made of steel and the quality is excellent. The product is made in the USA.
  • It comes with pressure mounted installation and this is why you can use it in different rooms.
  • For the installation in stairways, there are the additional hardware mounts included with the baby proof door.
  • There are two extensions, one is a 5 inch tall and the other is a 10 inch tall.
  • It has got a very comfortable grip handle along with dual locking operation. Easy to use with one hand.
  • It is versatile in use and it is a good protection for the pets as well.
  • One problem which a lot of people faced was the metal gate came with plastic latches. The plastic latches might break easily. So, the company should replace them with metal latches. Few customers had to return the gates because of this problem.
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Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate

Description :

This is a great tool for those houses which have kids and pets. The Carlson Walk Through doors is prepared with pressure mounted systems and easy installation features. It comes with extra wide openings. This one is a portable gate just like the other ones and comes with two extensions.

And this is why you can cover from 29 to 44 inches in your house. One of the best features of this gate is the one touch release handle. You can easily open and close the gate while carrying certain things with you. There is also a 10 by 7-inch additional pet door which lets the animals pass while everyone else will stay put.

The baby proof gate prepared by Carlson comes with 100% steel construction. So you can rest assured on the durability and strength part. The four pressure mounts will help you install the gate very quickly and adjust it to get a secure fit. Another important feature of the gate is the convenient walk-through.

All you have to do is just lift up a simple lever. So, you see, it is very easy to operate. Your pets or your baby cannot wander here and there in the house where they might get hurt. There is a little door at the bottom of the gate which will let the pet dogs and cats pass.

The gate comes with 4 inches and 6-inch extension kits. Thus it can fit openings between 29 and 44 inches wide. You can use it in any location of your house stating from the doorways, hall openings, kitchens and store rooms. There are 4 wall cups and you can use it to install at the top of stairs. It can be placed 30 inches high so that pets cannot jump over it.



  • A very convenient walk-through door with easy design and installation.
  • Features a one touch release handle for smooth operations.
  • Allows small pets to pass but does not allow anything else to get through these doors, especially small babies.
  • The construction is sturdy and durable; it is free of lead and absolutely non-toxic.
  • There is no gap between the gate and latch once you install it fully.
  • There is a pressure mounted “wall saver”.
  • The brand “Carlson” has got a good reputation of making very comfortable and easy to use home products.
  • Some are of the opinion that the pet door could have been smaller. Also, few people want the door to be sturdier because it didn’t last for 2-3 months.
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Well, considering the above discussion, we hope that it is clear to you why it is so important to have the baby proof doors in your rooms. Now one thing we need to tell you before you select one of the top 3 best baby proofing locks are, check the quality of the product that you are going to buy.

Remember, you are buying it for a long period of time. It should run at least 4-5 years because, before this age, you cannot make your kid understand why they should be careful near staircases or shouldn’t go into a certain room.

Another important thing to remember before buying the baby proof doors is, checking out the pros, cons, and features of every door you buy. You don’t want to take any chances. In this article, we have covered the best baby proof doors.

Yes, there are a lot more doors available in the market and you can check them too. But now you will have a complete guide on baby proofing of doors and windows, how to baby proof them and also what are the injuries or mishaps that might happen if the doors are not baby proofed.

You can prepare your home with necessary precautions now. This article will not only help you save injuries of kids but also help you reduce a lot of stress of parenting. You will be able to have an easy day knowing that your kid is safe and sound. Yes, it is also true that baby proofing doors will not completely eliminate the risk of accidents, but it helps you prevent it a lot of times.

The above products are usable for any homes. Be it an old home or a new home, it won’t matter. In case you don’t have the provision of installing these doors, then we will advise you not to hesitate about door remodeling. Safety of your child comes first and foremost. Have a look at these top 3 baby proof doors and decide for yourself which one you are going to use.

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