Best Baby Safety Helmets

Top 3 Best Baby Safety Helmets

So now your little baby has started walking in his/her own feet and they just love to roam around the house. Among their favorite things, one is run to very fast from one corner to the other head on without looking out for anything. Apart from that, whenever he/she sees you riding a cycle or any other two wheelers, they will just try to hop into it along with you. Well, this is one of the best times of being a baby. They are learning a lot of things by themselves.

Yes, it is a very happy time for you, but you need to be careful about it too. The running around in the house, riding baby cycles, or baby horses can turn into a dangerous situation and result in a head injury. So what is it you can do as a parent? You cannot stop your kid from the physical activities because that’s necessary. You don’t have to stop them, just protect them by giving a baby safety helmet while they are on a baby bicycle or a toy horse or running here and there in the house.

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Why does your child need to wear a helmet?

The helmet is one of the most essential things while riding a two wheeler. As we know, the skull protects the brain and the helmet protects the skull. Pretty basic, right? The adult’s skull is harder than a child’s skull, still, the adults always need to wear a helmet while riding a two wheeler. So just imagine how much important it is for a kid to wear a helmet even while riding his small two wheeler cycle. According to studies and researches, fatal head injuries cause most death in accidents. 80% of those injuries happen because of not wearing helmets. Now, this is a major reason to wear a helmet.

Also, if you can develop the habit of wearing a helmet in your kid at an early age, then it will also make him/her careful enough to wear a helmet in the adult age too. Before you go out to search a good helmet for your toddler, we recommend you not to take babies of less than 12 months old on bike or bicycle rides. A lot of bicycles don’t have suspension capabilities and this is why people on it absorb the bumps. If infants under 12 months of age absorb such bumps, then it can cause a brain trauma.

One more reason baby helmets are so essential is for those kids who need special care. Babies who have epilepsy, hemophilia, balance disorders, and seizures need helmets. Babies who tend to run with their head down needs a helmet.

Things to consider while buying a baby safety helmet

Well, buying a helmet for your kid can be a difficult task sometimes. You need to consider the following factors before you finalize a certain baby safety helmet.

The size

Not all size of baby helmets will fit for your kid. A fitting helmet is a very important factor. The helmet you choose should perfectly fit on your kid’s head. Remember if it’s bigger than their head then it might block their eye sight or it might go off the head easily during mishaps. You would not want that. Measure your kid’s head circumference just above the eye brows. The helmet should fit just above the forehead perfectly because that is the thickest part of the head. Also, that part of the head is more prone to get hit first during any accident.

Safety certifications

Now that you are ok with the fit, you have to check the safety certifications. The brand of the baby safety helmet must be certified by a credible body like Consumer Product Safety Commission. Also, make sure that it is certified for the purpose it is intended to do. If you are looking for biking helmets, then you have to look for those which are thicker at the forehead where most impacts occur. And if you are looking for skate helmets then you have to select those which are thicker at the back of the head.

Helmets for multiple impacts

These are the best kind of helmets available. It is better you consider multiple impact baby helmets because toddlers run here and there and keep doing this. So chances are, they might hurt themselves in different places of the head not only just the back or front. And it is especially true if your child is riding a bicycle.

Look at the helmet construction before buying

There are different types of helmets available. You can take two particular types of helmet available. One is the in-mold helmet and the other is the hard-shell helmet. Once you have a glance at a hard shell helmet, you will know it. The hard shell helmets come with a gap between the plastic shells and there is also protective foam inside. These types of helmets are constructed to protect your kid’s head against injuries. If you check the in-mold helmets you have to feel the weight of it. The in-mould helmets are very light in weight than the hard shell helmets.

The ease of adjustments

Yes, we have already mentioned about the fitting of the helmet. Apart from the fittings, you have to make sure that you can adjust the helmet’s tightness accordingly. Most of the toddlers are just too excited to run here and there and go with their cycles. Naturally, they don’t have the patience to wait while their mom or dad struggles with the complicated straps of the helmet. A lot of helmets are available which come with the self-adjusting feature. Some of the helmets also have the dial at the back of their head which will help you ensure that the helmet will not move if your child plays around. Some of the helmets have fitting pads which get thinner as your toddler grows. These pads will have no effect on the impact absorption of the helmet. So you can easily adjust with thinner pads when your toddler grows up.

The buckles must be pinch free

To tie or fix the helmet on your kid’s head, there are buckles which might come with hardened pins sometimes. While fixing it to your kid’s head, if he/she gets hurt by those buckles, then they will not want to wear those helmets again. if you don’t want this to happen, then you have to look for the pinch free buckles so that it makes your child feel that they are going to wear some accessory which will help them ride their bicycle.

You have to check the holes of helmets

The bodies of kids generate a lot of heat when they are playing. The heat is released through the head. You child might catch cold or sinus if there is no vent in the helmet to release the heat. So check for helmets which have a lot of vents.

The Reflectors

Your kid should not be out on his/her bicycle after it's dark. Still, if they are out, it is better to have a reflector on the helmets. It will help other car drivers to easily notice them and prevent accidents. Apart from that, the reflectors are fun for kids because they think that they look cool in those, Some Power Rangers kind of stuff! So this can be encouraging for your toddler.

Flat Back

A lot of toddler helmet has got a flat back. If you want to let your kid ride on your bike with you or let them sit on a child bicycle seat, the flat back helmets are very essential. The flat back helps in keeping the helmet in place without slipping if your child leans back or falls asleep during the ride.

Here in this article, we are going to offer you complete details about the top 3 best baby safety helmet. These baby helmet are baby-friendly. Check them out below!

Top 3 Best Baby Safety Helmets


Simplicity Baby Safety Helmet

Simplicity Baby Safety Helmet

Description :

This is one of the best baby safety helmets available at present. The primary reason why this product is so much popular is, it is very much light in weight, and breathable safety helmet which offers the best protection for the toddlers while they are busy at playing or crawling.

The best feature of this helmet is, it is ultra-lightweight. You can call it as the lightest helmet available. The head cushion will be able to protect the baby effectively at times of any collision. It will also prevent any friction caused by the bump and fall. Apart from this, there is also a bumper bonnet which will offer you anti-knock, reduced shock, anti-friction, cushioning effect and reduce baby injuries.

Another very important feature of this product is, it has got 18.8 to 22-inch circumference which is designed to fit the size of any infant's head. It comes with maximum safety and offers comfort to your loved kids. The outer layer of this product is made up of cotton; the fill in layer comes with high density. There is also elastic sponge but it is free from any smell.

The sponge present within the layers acts as the shock absorbing agent and it absorbs the impact when it is hit. The thickness is just 3Oz and there are cotton belts which help in securing the product above the baby’s head. It offers optimum comfort. The helmet is washable with water and you can rest assured that there won’t be any reformation even after you wash it repeatedly.



  • It is designed to prevent everyday bumps and bruises, even when your toddler is learning to walk.
  • It is very much suitable for children with special needs.
  • The product is light in weight, breathable, washable and it comes with the best quality cotton.
  • You can adjust it easily depending on the size and shape of your toddler’s head.
  • It is suitable for toddlers from 6-60 months of age.
  • Some people complained about having lesser strings to tie on the chin. Thus, when it pulls off they just had to take it off or else they fear their kid will choke themselves.
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Newcomdigi Baby Infant Helmets

Newcomdigi Baby Infant Helmets

Description :

This is just the perfect helmet for the babies who are learning to walk and stand. This is a head protector which will save you from multiple bumps and other bruises too. It is suitable for both daily indoor and outdoor usage. But one thing you need to be careful because it is not really suitable for biking for kids. This helmet is suitable for babies of ages 2-60 months. There is also an adjustable Velcro closure and the chin strap. The head circumference is from 43 to 55cm.

It comes with adopting demountable IXPE lining and this is why it can absorb shock in a much better way. It has got the demountable and movable visor. Thus, if the infant falls on his/her face, this product will prevent the face injury. It has got effective protection before touching the ground. It has got 100% cotton padding which is why it is so soft and the super lightweight material makes it easy to carry on your baby’s light head. The baby helmet has sweat absorbing feature with excellent breathability.



  • The baby helmet is very comfortable to wear.
  • It is absolutely non-toxic so the material is very safe for kids and it is BPA free.
  • The brand comes with 100% money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the product then you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund.
  • Additional damping and cushioning system.
  • Shock absorption, impact resistance, excellent air-permeability, odorless, soft and non-toxic and very much environment-friendly.
  • Some people complain that there is no Velcro on it. Thus when toddlers don’t feel the need to untie it and then loosen it if they feel the helmet is too tight.
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ICOCO Baby Helmets

ICOCO Baby Helmets

Description :

This baby helmet is in the third position of or top 3 baby safety helmets. It is made up of 100% cotton and this is why it offers great quality padding over your kid’s head. The outer lining and layer are also sweat absorbing and very much comfortable. One of the best features of this ICOCO baby helmet is, it has got electrostatic protection. Thus, it will prevent your kid’s head from any kinds of shocks in case they fall over some electrical gadgets head on.

The helmet is very light in weight. To be specific, it weighs only 2.5 oz. There is the cotton belt which secures the baby’s head and offers optimum comfort. This is a high-quality baby helmet which uses the special multi-functional foaming materials IXPE. And this is why the helmet is shock proof, impact resistant, offers good air permeability, non-toxic and odorless.



  • The head cushion prevents the baby heads during any collision or friction from falls or bumps. The helmet has a cushioning effect which reduces head injuries.
  • The helmet has got a changeable design and style.
  • It comes with the visor. Thus it offers face protection in case of any accident or collision.
  • When the helmet faces any external force, the tape loosens and automatically protects your infants head and face.
  • It comes with 100% cotton. You can wash it with hand. One more thing you have to keep it away from any heat source.
  • You can use it as a professional safety helmet.
  • The bottom snap of this helmet became a cause of concern for few people. They were worried the kids might choke themselves.
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Now that you know what to check out when you go to buy a helmet for you baby, I guess it will be much easier for you to get the right one. These are the top 3 best baby safety helmets available. But apart from that, you might also get hundreds of option on the internet and retail market.

Just make sure you go through all the above factors before buying a helmet for your kid. If you are still in doubt, check out the review of customers who bought baby safety helmets. You will get a lot of colors and design to choose for your toddler.

The most important is the safety feature. Check out the certification for any branded baby safety helmet you buy. Nothing is more important than the safety of your kid. Check out the ratings. Yes, it is also true that safety helmets are not suitable for every baby but these safety helmets will prevent a lot of accidents and injuries. Be sure to make the helmet likable and comfortable for your baby. It doesn’t matter how efficient a helmet is if your kid doesn’t want to wear it while bicycling or doing any other activities.

No matter how closely you monitor your kid, accidents can happen any second and that might even become serious. The child safety helmet is the first line of defense. At some states, there are strict laws to give your child a helmet while they are playing or cycling. It is similar to wearing the seatbelt of a driver. So we strongly recommend you to buy a good baby safety helmet and make your child wear it.

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