Cleaning Of Above Ground Swimming Pool

How To Clean Above Ground Swimming Pool

Now that you have bought an above ground swimming pool, we bet you are really excited to use it as soon as possible. Above ground, pools are so much fun. Once you use the above ground pool, you will need to clean it.

No one wants to have a dirty pool. It is very unhealthy and unhygienic. You have to do regular filtering and above ground pools cleaning to maintain water cleanliness. Apart from that, you have to opt for brushing the walls and vacuum the floors. Also, you have to maintain the chemical levels.

When you are cleaning the above ground swimming pools, you have to use certain tools and instruments suitable for above ground pool services. In this article, we will guide you on the steps of how to take care of an above ground pool.

how to clean above ground swimming pool

Filtering And Skimming The Pool

You have to run the filter pump for 8 hours. The filter pump of the above ground pool will circulate water from the pool and it will pass through the filter for removing the debris and impurities.

To make sure that your pool water is absolutely clean, you have to use chlorine for above ground pool and make sure that you run the filter pump for at least 8 hours a day.

If you want to get the best results then it is better to run the pump during day times. And, you have to use a pool pump timer so that you don’t forget when to turn on and turn off the pump for above ground pools cleaning.

Backlashing The Pool When The Pressure Increases

Most of the times, dirt and debris will get trapped into the filter system and this is why it can make the pool water extremely dirty. If you have got sand or the DE filter for the above ground pools, then you have to backwash it for reversing the water flow in the system.

This will flush out the dirt/sand or dust accumulation and keep the filter clean. You have to backwash the pool if the pressure gauge shows 8-10lbs above the normal. If you don’t know the normal setting, then check the manufacturer’s instruction for above ground pool services.

Cleaning The Cartridge Filter When The Pressure Rises

If you are using a cartridge filter then you have to clean it periodically for ensuring that the system is working properly. You have to turn off the filter, then remove the cartridge and then use the garden hose for above ground pool cleaning.

You have to clean it when the pressure gauge is 5-10lbs above the normal setting. Know the normal pressure of the cartridge so that you are sure when to clean it. You have to change the cartridge periodically to make sure the system is running.

Cleaning Up The Pump Basket

The filter basket of the pool is where the dirt and debris are collected. You have to remove the basket once a week from the pump and then remove the contents and clean it. Also, when you are repositioning it, make sure the position is perfect and the lid is secured after cleaning it.

It will ensure the system runs properly. Clean the basket after you vacuum the pool once a week. it is very important if you want to know how to keep above ground pools clean.

Empty The Skimmer Basket

The skimmer basket remains attached to the wall. For above ground pool cleaning, you have to clear the skimmer basket too. This will remove any light debris and dirt in the water. You also have to make sure to clean out the basket for once or twice a day. This will prevent it from getting clogged. If you see that the skimmer basket is getting filled easily then you have to empty the basket for more than once in a day.

For Cleaning The Isolated Debris

A skimmer basket is a great option when you want to remove the debris for cleaning above ground pool. It needs time to circulate all the dirt into the basket. In the process of circulating the dirt, it might miss some items. And to get rid of such debris, you can use the flat skimmer net on a telescopic pole works perfectly.

You can drag it across the water surface for lifting the items. Even if you have a skimmer basket attached, you will need to skim the pool for once in a day and in case you don’t have a skimmer basket, you have to skim it manually for three to four times a day for cleaning above ground pool.

Removing Heavy Materials

If there was a storm in your area recently, or any other natural factors that resulted in the deposition of leaves or other large debris on your above ground pool, then you can use the leaf rake to get rid of the debris and leaves.

The leaf rake is a bag which is attached to a telescopic pool pole. It helps in pulling the leaves and debris across the surface of the water to remove them and keep the pool clean. This is another important step on how to keep above ground pools clean.

Brushing The Pool

In all the above ground pools, you will see at least one area which does not have any circulation from the filter. These spots are the prime location for algae to grow. This is why it is important for brushing the pool. Use a brush head on a telescopic pool pole.

This will make it easier for you to reach the entire wall surface and clean above ground pools. You obviously don’t want to damage the above ground pool walls and this is why you can use a brush with nylon bristles. You can also use a hand brush for the inside walls of the pool.

After attaching the brush to the pole, you can move it over the walls in a downward motion and remove any algae or debris. You have to brush like this till the end of the pool to make sure the walls are completely clean. To make your pool clean, you have to brush it for once in a week.

Apart from the walls, you have to clean other surfaces, the ladders, and filters as well and use the best pool chemicals for above ground pool. For the ladder, it is better to use a handheld brush. If your pool has a set of stairs, then you have to brush them also. Use an automatic vacuum designed for above ground pools to eradicate the dirt and debris out of the pool.

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