My 10 Review Scholarship Program

$1000 My 10 Review Scholarship Program

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GV Scholarship Contest 2017 –

Well we always understand the power of the words we speaks whether they can be offline or online. We are living in the world of technology whether we are seeing lots of changes which are on every day basis. We always willing to help those creative minds who want to share the knowledge for the purpose of their society and nation and we also want to give a very small contribution in their journey of study too.

For the same purpose we have started a wonderful program which we have named as My10Review Scholarship program for School, College, undergraduate or postgraduate students who have the interest in “Technology and Internet marketing, ” and with their contribution and creativity, they can win our scholarship.

Terms Of Participation

For winning or participating in or scholarship program you don’t need any extra ordinary skill because we are not seeing that. We just want to see the creative nature of the student and if your answer of our question is unique then you will surely be winner of the scholarship program.


You can check the question after scrolling this page which can make you win the price money.

Question –

Babies or Kids are the future of our nation then what you think which type of education system can make them more advance whether it will be online or offline ? Also give a brief with a reason.


Requirements Of the Scholarship–

  • Your answer must be between 700-1000 words.
  • Any Student Can apply Who have some thoughts about the education system.


Deadline Or Time Period –

You must write your answer in any word file which have extension of .doc file or any word editor file and send us on our registered mail id which is our official mail with your basic contact details like full name, phone number, address and student id proof. You should also mention your course in which you are studying. You have to submit your answers till 31st December 2017.


Review Time –

We will review your answers from 1st January 2018 to 29 January 2018 and result will be announce on 31st January 2018.


Selection Criteria –

The article which will be most unique and innovative will get the all price money and selected as the winner of the scholarship program. For more information you can contact us at too.