Swimming Pool Heater Reviews

Top 5 Swimming Pool Heater Reviews

Do you have a swimming pool at your home? If yes, then you must be looking for a swimming pool heater to enjoy a swim in the winters. To buy a swimming pool heater, you need to know certain things before you make the investment.

There are a lot of advantages of using a swimming pool heater apart from keeping the pool warm. In this article, we are going to offer you the complete details about the usage and types of swimming pool heater and also suggest the top 5 swimming pool heaters for you.

Swimming Pool Heater Reviews

Advantages of having swimming pool heaters

As the name suggests, you might think that the swimming pool heaters are only present to keep the cold water warm for the winter season. But that is not the only utility of swimming pool heater. The pool heaters make sure that the water temperature of the pool is comfortable throughout the day.

Usually, the water temperature is cold at night and it gradually gets warmer during the day with the increasing temperature of the sun. Due to the fluctuations of temperature, the pool might become unusable for a long period of time in a day. A pool heater will help you swim in the pool at any time and in any temperature.

The swimming pool heater comes with automatic temperature control, just like you have in an AC. In a pool heater, you can set it up at a comfortable temperature and this will allow you to get the most desired water condition for an early morning dip or a midnight swim.

Apart from offering automatic temperature, the Above Ground pool heaters will also prevent any bacteria or algae formation. The pool heaters are also good for short hot tubs. So the pool heaters will help you in keeping the swimming pool clean to some extent.


#1. Smart Pool S601P Sun Heater Solar Heating System

Smart Pool S601P Sun Heater Solar Heating System

This is one of the best swimming pool heaters available in the market. It is very much budget friendly and helps in keeping the pool warm for a long period of time. There is a propylene heat collector present in it and the solar heater features 80 square feet of pool solar panels.

It comes with a good collection of pool accessory and this is just perfect for heating an in ground swimming pool. The panel array is 4 feet wide and 20 feet long. The Smart Pool sun heater comes with proven systems which work effectively for both in-ground and above ground pools too.

It is a brand from the USA and the brand does not offer any inferior quality polyethylene at all. The existing pump will allow the pool water to get through the individual tubes of the Sun Heater Solar Panel and during the passing, it gets heated from the sun rays and the warm water is returned to the pool.

You have to purchase the SK21 System kit for completing the installation. The pool water heater installation kit contains the hardware for mounting and plumbing. With one system installation kit, you can install 4 boxes of S601P.


  • Comes with very good quality and quick after sales services from the brand.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Warms up the pool satisfactorily at a good pace and on sunny days this one is much more efficient.
  • The best part is, even if your pool is not directly under sunlight, then too, it works well and offers a satisfactory increase in the temperature.
  • Offers a minimum increase of 4 degrees when it is exposed to a moderate sun light for 5-5.5hours.


  • There are not any specific cons of this product. However, some of the buyers were not happy with an additional kit that comes along with the product.
  • You and your technician might have to do a bit of hard work to get this thing to install but that is not really a difficult process.
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#2. OrangeA Pool Heater Electric 11KW 220V

OrangeA Pool Heater Electric 11KW 220V

The OrangeA pool heater is on the second position of our top 5 swimming pool heaters. It comes with a high-temperature protection thermostat. This is why it can prevent the overheating and protect the users. It also comes with a computer control panel with a stainless steel tank for transferring heat in high efficiency.

The galvanized sheet makes sure that the overall device is safe. There is also an inbuilt pressure switch which will cut off the work function of the system in case of high pressure and prevent users from any danger in case of no water flow.

This heater for pool is just the perfect one for small swimming pools, spas, massage pools and even a fish pond. The device will keep the water warm and also you can use the equipment as the auxiliary equipment for the hot pump. The flow temperature sensor is controlled by software which monitors the temperature status accurately. Thus, it protects the heater from any unexpected situations.


  • It comes with an intelligent self-diagnose system which controls and monitors the condition of every part of the heater.
  • The control system reacts automatically and the reaction time is very quick for preventing accidents.
  • The brand offers great safety and it is the top priority.
  • In the case of any fault or hint message on display panel, the heater is stopped immediately.


  • There are practically no such specific cones, but some of the customers were not satisfied with the time of heating this device took.
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#3. Hayward HP50TA Residential Pool Heat Pump

Hayward HP50TA Residential Pool Heat Pump

Coming in the 3rd position of our list, the Hayward inground pool heaters come with acoustic compressor covers and profiled fan blade. This is why the operation of this heat pump is very quiet and efficient. The device also comes with ultra-gold corrosion resistant evaporator which offers extreme durability. There is also a Titanium heat exchanger is designed for the best and max heat transfer, reliability and enhanced efficiency. The body panels are very much durable and they are UV resistant which prevents rust and any other deterioration.

The additional features include heavy duty and quiet scroll compressors and stainless steel hardware. These heat pumps are very light in weight and easy to install. This is why it is ideal for both old and new pools and the spas. The weight of this item is 190 pounds and it has got 50000 BTU AHRI.


  • Works perfectly as described, no sound and very easy to install in swimming pools.
  • These inground pool heaters heat up water very fast and according to some customer reviews, the device took just 4 hours to offer a moderately heated swimming pool.
  • The brand offers very fast customer service and response in case of any issues.
  • It is suitable for salt water or chlorinated water as well.
  • For a specific temperature, the device takes up just one day to reach that temperature. It is pretty satisfactory for a lot of users.


  • The heat pump is great but some of the customers complained about getting noisier products and less efficient in heating.
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#4. Swimming Pool Heater Electric Pump By Fibropool

Swimming Pool Heater Electric Pump By Fibropool

The Fibroheat swimming inground pool heaters come with a 100% Titanium heat exchanger along with a quick disconnect pipe, 17 amps power, and 220 Volts. It has got a digital display and controller with 16”*40” footprint. The device is light in weight and it is slim fit. One of the best features of this device is it is marked as one of the best energy efficient systems by the US department. The cost is only 25 cents per hour.

You will have a major advantage with this device of pool heater cost efficiency. The device has a high-pressure differential compressor along with the titanium heat exchanger. It runs on 12 gauge and 220V circuit and draws the same amount of power as a normal table saw.

The easy installation time takes only 30 minutes. It has metal and enamel coated case which will last for a very long period of time. There is also an easy set digital display which will allow for quick adjustment of the unit itself. You can extend it with extension cable allowed with it. It is CE approved and it comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • A high efficient device with an extremely durable metallic body and easy installation features.
  • A very cost efficient device and warranted for 10 years with brilliant services.
  • The rise in temperature is pretty fast and it can reach from 70-84 degrees in just 2 days if you run it 6 hours a day.


  • No cons available yet from customers who bought this product.
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#5. Game 4512 Solar Pro Solar Pool Heater

Game 4512 Solar Pro Solar Pool Heater

The last one on our list once again is a solar heater called the Game 4512 Solar Pro. You can now heat your pool in an eco-friendly way by using the heat of the sun.

The best feature of this pool heater is it is designed for any size above the ground and you will not need any adapters. It can heat up the pool water quickly and on an average, it can heat up the pool to 5 degrees in 3-8 days according to the size of the pool.

The installation of this pool water heater is very easy and you will not need any gas or electricity. The device saves a lot of space and it is very aesthetically pleasing if you compare it with other solar panels. You can now extend your pool season by saving a lot of energy and using this Solar Pro swimming pool heater.

This easy to install solar heater is very much recommended for the 8000 gallons pools. There are two heaters present in it and you can connect them with the by-pass kit to increase the efficiency or in case you have a larger pool.


  • It is absolutely worth the money with the efficiency you get.
  • It keeps the pool warm for a long period of time.
  • A very cost efficient and energy efficient device.
  • Light in weight and easy to install for all sized pools and comes with a lot of features.


  • No cons till date but you might need to buy an additional pool blanket for keeping the pool water hot for a longer period of time.
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Types of pool heaters

There are mostly 4 types of swimming pool heaters available. They are:

1. Electric resistance heaters

This above ground pool heater makes use of the electric current to keep the water warm. There is a resistor located within the unit and when current is applied, the resistor gets heated up. When water passes through the resistor, it gets heated up. Since the electric resistors and heaters need a lot of electricity, these are mostly used in small tubs, hot baths, spas and other small therapy pools.

Advantages of electric resistance pool heaters

  • These are not very much expensive to buy.
  • These pool heaters operate independently and the air temperature does not matter for these pool heaters.
  • This above ground pool heater is very eco-friendly and they don’t cause any air pollution.


  • The monthly operating cost is a bit high.
  • The installation is a bit expensive. It needs heavy duty wiring and large circuit breakers.
  • These pool heaters are not very energy efficient.

2. Gas pool heater

The gas pool heater works by using the natural gas or they use propane for creating the heat. The gas is burnt in a combustion chamber and it contains a copper coil series. While the gas burns, the water is passed through the copper coil series and it gets heated up.

The gas heaters are most commonly used swimming pool heaters. You will see a lot of gas swimming pool heaters in different houses. But the popularity of gas heaters is decreasing because of the high price and efficiency of the heat pumps. If you are looking to buy the gas pool heaters, then you have to know the surface area of your pool in square feet.


  • It can heat up water very quickly.
  • The cost of gas heaters is not too high.
  • The gas heaters don’t need air to operate.

Disadvantages of gas pool heater

  • The main disadvantage is, the gas heaters are not environment-friendly. It emits air pollution.
  • It has a life span of only 5 years and the gas heaters are not very energy efficient.

3. The swimming pool heat pumps

The heat pumps make use of electricity for transferring heat in your swimming pool. There are two types of heat pumps. One is the air source heat pumps which make use of air for transferring heat.

The second one is the water source heat pumps. It is also called as the geothermal pool water heater which transfers heat from the water. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of heat pumps is, they are very much energy efficient. Just like the gas heater, the water passes through heat pump and the fan present inside will create the heat by taking air from outside.


  • They are not expensive to buy and operate.
  • The swimming pool heat pumps are very much energy efficient.
  • They have a life span of 20 years which is great comparing the life span of gas pool heaters.
  • It uses the renewable energy source and this is why they don’t emit any air pollution.


  • The only disadvantage of swimming pool water heater/heat pumps is, they heat up water slowly.

4. Solar Pool Heater

The solar heaters make use of the solar panel for transferring heat from the sun in your swimming pool. The solar panels will collect heat from the sun and then the pump present in the pool will push the water into the circulation system.

While the water passes through the solar panel, it gets heated up. Since the pool solar panels rely only on the temperature of the sun to heat up, a lot of swimming pool owners make use of the auxiliary heater during the nights and other cloudy days.

There are two types of solar pool heaters, one comes with the unglazed collector and the other comes with the glazed collector. The unglazed collectors come with the plastic panel or heavy duty rubber. The glazed collectors come with copper tubing along with aluminum plate covered in iron-tempered glass.

Advantages Of Solar Pool Heater

  • These are inexpensive to buy and the monthly operation cost is not too high.
  • These are very much energy efficient and they have a lifespan of 15-20 years.
  • They are very much eco-friendly, use renewable energy source and they don’t emit any air pollution.


  • The pool solar panels operate only under the sun and this is why they are not very efficient on cloudy days or at night.
  • Heats up the pool water very slowly and the installation is a bit tough compared to other swimming pool heaters.

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What are the common problems you might face with swimming pool heaters?

It is pretty obvious, isn’t it? If you are going to buy some gadget, then that particular gadget will malfunction at some period of time. The same thing happens with swimming above ground pool heaters too. There are certain problems that you might face with pool heaters after a certain period of time. Before you buy the swimming pool heaters here are the common problems you might face with them.

1. Pool doesn’t reach the desired temperature

If the heater for pool is continuously offering you a certain cycle of temperature and goes on and off without reaching a particular temperature, it is time to call a professional/technician. There are a lot of issues from which this problem can happen. One of the most common reasons for this problem is insufficient fuel supply.

2. Rust in the Pool

Because of the presence of chemicals, the protective coatings of the above ground pool are washed away after a certain period of time. This is why you will find rust in the pool. You have to ensure that the pool has got a very balanced amount of chemical present in it. Also, if there are any damaged heater components, you have to replace them immediately. The technician will help you in the replacement and installation and also check the valve for stopping the backflow of chlorinated water within the heater for pool.

3. Pool heater making noise

It is true that a lot of gas heaters make a whistling noise because of inadequate gas pressure. But the pool heater does not have any abnormal sound. If you hear such whistling noises from the swimming pool heater, then turn off the machine immediately and call a technician. If possible, check the manual to make adjustments in the settings and it might just help you in working it again properly.

These are the problems that you might face while using a swimming pool heater. Remember that these problems don’t happen frequently. It happens hardly after using a swimming pool for at least 8-10 years. So you can rest assured on your investment. These problems of are not very high and very easy to repair.


Now that we have reached the end of our article, all I can say is, these are the top 5 swimming pool heaters available. You can also check out a lot of other swimming pool heaters and decide for yourself. One thing you have to remember is, do not opt for the cheaper ones. You will get a lot of options in cheap Solar Swimming pool heaters, but it is better not to choose pool heaters under $50. The pool heaters which come in cheap are not always efficient in working and a lot of them might come in defective parts also.

Apart from that, you can also do your own research while looking for the best swimming pool water heater. Check out the above-mentioned factors in this article while you are looking to buy the pool heaters. You can opt for any one of the four types of heaters available but you have to select the size according to the size of your pool. A correct seized heater is essential if you want to prevent your pool from getting overheated or under heated.

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