Swimming Pool Liners Reviews

Best 5 Swimming Pool Liners Reviews

The swimming pools come in different forms, shapes, and variations. These days you can choose the conventional in-ground pools or you can also opt for the above the ground swimming pools too. The above ground swimming pools are a bit easy to install and they have a very smooth internal surface. On the other hand, the swimming pools which are built in-ground, they need a very smooth, separate, hard-wired and attractive lining. And this is why you will need a pool liner for the swimming pools.

what is a swimming pool liner? 

It is a cover for a swimming pool walls and the floors by overlaying the walls and floors and forming a surface which is not penetrable. The basic purpose of custom pool liners in swimming pool is to retain pool water and also offer a decorative look.


In the case of below the ground swimming pools, those pools had linings. Those linings were made very carefully with decorative tiles and water proof grout on the floor and side walls. At present, the vinyl finishes have become a very popular choice for the pool owners and this is why the tiles finishes are no more used. Besides, the tile finished custom pool liners are costlier than vinyl liners.

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Why Are Pool Liners Important?

As we mentioned above, the pool liners are very important because they help in retaining the water of the swimming pool. They are important for both in-ground and above ground pools. They offer a leak-proof barrier for containing the water within the pool walls.

The pool liners come in the form of a vinyl envelope. It is almost the same size for any standard swimming pools. They fit the liner in the swimming pool before the pool is filled with water. The process is not a very difficult one but it needs a technician or a person with experience of fitting the pool liners.

The advantages of Vinyl Pool Liners

The vinyl pool liners are less expensive. It is true that getting a pool is a quite a big investment. You have to maintain it on a regular basis so that your pool runs smoothly and looks great. The vinyl pool liners offer quite good decoration options and they are less expensive than concrete or tile pool liners. The vinyl ones come in different patterns, colors, and themes. The thickness of vinyl inground pool liners vary as well. The thicker variants last longer than the thinner ones. The thickness is measured in gauge or millimeters.

The Vinyl pool liners are easy to maintain. Yes, the vinyl pool liners need maintenance too, but it is not as much as you will need in case of the tile or concrete pool liners. Some of the vinyl liners might also need more vacuuming than other vinyl liners but that can be done easily with any professionals. But cleansing and maintaining the tile or concrete pool liners are costly and takes time.

The repairing of vinyl inground pool liners is less costly and less time-consuming. Just like the maintenance, the repairing of vinyl pool liners is easy and it doesn't take much time. If there is a crack on the concrete pool liners, it will be really expensive to repair. But it is easy to patch the vinyl liners and most of the vinyl liners have a life span of 7-10 years, so you can easily run them for a decade if you use them properly. And when you need a repair for vinyl pool liners, you will be amazed to see how less expensive they are.

You will get almost any design in Vinyl Pool Liners. Nowadays, the vinyl pool liners are not only available in rectangle shapes. You will get them in various designs, shapes, and sizes. You can even get them in a custom fit if you want. The Vinyl liners come with a textured liner so that you don’t slip in the stairs. Also, there is the multi-tiered vinyl above ground pool liners where you will find pools with the spill over spas, the lagoon shaped pools, with the natural rock waterfalls and even the L-shaped ones for the corners.

The vinyl pool liners will extend the warranty easily. They are very much durable and when you make an investment, you will definitely want an assurance of warranty. These vinyl ones come with an assured warranty from both manufacturers and installers. They are very much affordable and customizable. So I will always suggest you get the Vinyl pool liners.

The types of liner seams

The seam lines are very important in preventing the leaks and also the failure in pool liners. You will get two types of seam lines. One is the traditional seam line and the other is the lapped seam line. The traditional seam liners are used on most of the clothing articles. These liners have two pieces joined and the edges of these liners are sewed together. The process is great under the sewing articles but when these liners are placed under hundreds of gallons of water, the sewing can get separated.

For the lapped seams, they overlap at every edge, and this is why these liner seams have a much stronger bond. Thus, they don’t have the risk of leaks or getting torn away and your pool liner cost will be saved for a long time. So these liner seams are stronger than the traditional ones.

Here in this article, we have brought you the top 5 swimming pool liners. Have a look!


#1. Boulder Swirl Overlap 30 Gauge Swimming Pool Liner

Boulder Swirl Overlap 30 Gauge Swimming Pool Liner

The first in our list is the Boulder Swirl Overlap 30 gauge swimming pool liner. These are perfect for the 48-52 inch constant depth swimming pools. This one has got the lap welded seams and this is why the lateral and vertical tension is reduced a lot.

The best feature of this swimming pool liner is it offers extra heavy duty with 100% virgin vinyl material for protecting against the chemicals and the UV fading too. It offers protection from the cold crack resistance too.

Another important aspect of the Boulder Swing swimming pool liner is the reduced wrinkling. It comes with a hand folded flat for reducing the wrinkles. It is not like the automated packers which get twisted and the liner is forced to enter into a box which results in a permanent creasing.

The 25 gauge liner is backed up by a 25-year limited warranty. This is great for those who use swimming pools on a regular basis and also it is easy for above ground pool liner replacement.


  • You will get it in different sizes, shapes, and colors and it is made to fit almost every pool.
  • It comes with high-temperature curing and computer controlled process which ensures that the complete material is vulcanized to the max tolerance.
  • It has got high-pressure heat bonding and electronic air filter.
  • It is hand folded to reduce wrinkles.
  • It comes with Universal Gasket Set which includes a Universal gasket set which is essential for pool wall skimmer.


  • There are no cons available for the product at present. The customers are pretty satisfied.
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#2. Swimline Waterfall Swimming Pool Liner

Swimline Waterfall Swimming Pool Liner

One of the best features of this pool liner is it comes with a very attractive design. There are waterfall patterns which offer a natural look to your swimming pool. It also reduces the wrinkles because it is hand folded instead of packing it with an automatic machine.

There are no permanent wrinkles and with overlap swimming pool liner. The great quality and affordable price is another unique feature of this brand. This swimming pool liner is made in North America and it is very durable as an above ground pool liner replacement. This liner is very easy to install.

It is designed in such a way that you can fold it over the top of your pool and it doesn’t need a bead receiver because they are attached with coping strips. It is prepared with heavy-duty material which is 100% virgin vinyl.

The liners are computer cut and this is why the seams come with lap welded to get a flawless finish. The brand uses Lamiclear technology. This technology prevents against abrasion, UV rays and chemicals too. There are three layers, UV resistant print layer, an acrylic topcoat, and virgin vinyl base layer.


  • Top customer service where you get easy repairs and returns in case of any damage.
  • The pool liners above ground are very easy to install, durable and comes with three-layer protections for the swimming pools.
  • You will get a lot of natural designs and the hand folding mechanism prevents any form of wrinkles.
  • The material is 100% Virgin Vinyl and it has got a 25-year limited warranty.


  • Some of the customers complained that the pool liners were too small.
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#3. Shark Nation 24 Ft. Overlap Pool Liner

Shark Nation 24 Ft. Overlap Pool Liner

The Shark nation is one of the best-designed pool liners. It also has a 25-year warranty just like any other pool liners. The pool liners above ground are suitable for 48”, 52” and 54” pool walls.

It has got UV protection from the damaging rays of the sun. The construction of this pool liner is Lap Seam. It has got the maximum sun protection and offers a premium grade feel for above the ground pool liners. It is a very heavy duty pool liner and it is prepared with brilliant quality.

So you can rest assured on that. The product comes with free shipping and the pool liner installation is very easy. The seaming of this pool liner is great and offers a state of art quality when it comes to pool protection. The color and design of this pool liner are liked by kids.


  • Excellent in design and build quality.
  • Top notch seaming and the design are excellent.
  • The build quality and material are 100% original and this is what makes the pool liner very much durable.
  • It has got a warranty of 25 years.
  • The construction is premium grade making it comfortable for heavy usage.
  • The pool liner installation is very easy but still, it is better to opt for a technician while installing it.


  • A few customers complained about the quality of the product because for some of them the pool liner didn’t last for the time as they expected.
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#4. Antilles Dolphin 25 Gauge Swimming Pool Liner

Antilles Dolphin 25 Gauge Swimming Pool Liner

This one is the fourth pool liner on our list. It is suitable for 48” or 52” constant depth swimming pool. This is made in the shape of a standard swimming pool.

The liner comes with lap welded seams and this is why the lateral and vertical tension is reduced. It has got extra heavy duty and 100% Vinyl material which protects against chemicals and any other UV. Thus, it prevents the fading and any cold crack resistance.

The pool liner comes with reduced wrinkling folds. It is hand folded flat and no automatic machine folders are used. Thus, there is no permanent creasing in the pool liner. Apart from this, there is also a Universal Gasket Set which comes with the gaskets for the pool’s skimmers and returns.

The skimmer gaskets can work on both the standardly sized skimmers and the wide mouth skimmers also.


  • The pool liner has a 100% virgin vinyl material and this is why the liner is very durable.
  • It comes with extra heavy duty and protections against the fading, UV rays, cracks, and chemicals.
  • It has got high-temperature curing; the computer-controlled process ensures that the device is fully vulcanized to its extreme.
  • It has got high-pressure heat bonding.
  • The pool liner is created with computer balanced combination of high pressure and temperature which offers a void free permanent bond.


  • Some of the customers felt that the liner could have been a little bit longer.
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#5. Nautical Reef Fish Print Pool Liner

Nautical Reef Fish Print Pool Liner

This is the last one on our list of best 5 swimming pool liners. You can fully trust on the quality because the liner is prepared from 100% virgin vinyl. It is overlap liner and measures in 30 gauges.

As all the other swimming pool liners, this one also comes with a warranty of 25 years. This one is suitable for all the standard pools which range from 48”, 52” and 54” walls. The nautical Reef fish inground pool liner is a great product and the liner offers extra heavy-duty facility for the rough usage and extreme weather conditions.

The liner is designed to handle very rough usage and this is why it is durable enough to last for a long period of time. You will be able to use the liner on any oval above ground pool up to a height of 54”.

The brand is very much dependable considering the prompt services and repairs in case of necessity. The pool liner installation is very easy and takes very less time.


  • Excellent brand value with prompt services and repairs
  • Top notch quality with 100% virgin vinyl
  • It is suitable for almost every standard pool of 48 inches, 52 inches and 54 inches.
  • The product comes with a warranty of 25 years.
  • It offers extra heavy duty for rough usage and prevents damage even in extreme weather conditions.


  • There are no cons available for this device as of yet.
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The types of vinyl pool liners available

There are different types of vinyl pool liners available. They are as follows:

1. The first one is the recycled Vinyl pool liner. These are generally thinner in shape and they can be stretched out of shape easily. But there is a disadvantage in the recycled vinyl pool liners. Since they can be easily stretched, they are more vulnerable to the punctures and cuts after using for quite some time.

2. The second one is the Virgin vinyl above ground pool liners. These are thicker and molded. Thus, it allows a greater resistance to the stretch and cuts. This is why they are better to use and they will also last for a long period of time.

The variations of custom pool liners

We know that the pool liners come in two forms, one is Vinyl pool liners and the other is concrete or tile pool liners. For the residential swimming pool liners, it is a good idea to use the vinyl ones. But, for the commercial swimming pool liners, you will need stronger material because those pools have heavy usage. Vinyl liners become brittle over time and this is why the commercial swimming pools have concrete or gunite pool liners. The inground pool liners and Vinyl pool liners have a life span of 7-10 years. It can be less depending on the environment and use. Tears, holes, and punctures are easy to take place in the vinyl pool liners. But there are more advantages in Vinyl polymers compared to concrete or gunite pool liners.

How will you know when you need a pool liner?

Well, a pool liner typically lasts for 10 years with proper care and maintenance. But over time, after facing different types of weather and chemicals, the pool liners become damaged. So how will you know when you need a new pool liner? Here are the signs of it.

Cracks and deterioration

The pool liners for above ground pools deteriorate due to the harsh UV rays and the pool chemicals present in it. You have to check the pool liners for the signs of damage. If you see cracks or tears in different areas, then the pool is already leaking water. You may not be able to see the tiny holes with the naked eye and this is why you have to monitor the water level for a week. If it drops more than an inch, then the pool has got a leak in the liner.

Fading or the stains

If a pool liner fades from the exposure to the chemicals and sunlight or any other stains, then it is time to replace the pool liner. A very significant or a major fading is a sign of deterioration. A lot of modern pool liners will resist this deterioration but after a certain period of time, even the modern day pool liners get faded away. With the fading of vinyl liners, the plasticizers will also deteriorate as well. And this is why the liners become brittle.

Wrinkles, slippage, and stretching

If you find different areas where the pool liners for above ground pools bead is slipping out of the track and you cannot slip it back into its place, then the liner is stretching. After some time, it will lose the elasticity. And this is why it is the right time now to change the pool liners. Without proper support, the liner will sag and it will cause water to drain from the pool. As the vinyl ages, the fitting becomes lose and this is the time you have to replace the liner.

Water loss

There are wet patch kits available for the pool liners for above ground pools. You will need to use it when the pool liner loses its resiliency with age. If you find any leaks then you can use the wet patch kits. But that is not a permanent solution. You will need to replace the pool liner or it will continue to leak and cause loss of water.


Here are the top 5 above ground swimming pool liners that you can choose for your pool. These 5 pool liners have got great ratings and feedbacks from several customers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay confined among these 5 pool liners only when you decide to buy. You can also look for other pool liners too. But you need to remember that before buying an inground pool liner, consider the pool size, the durability of the material, the brand value, the warranty of the product and finally the price.

Not all the pool liner cost will be according to your budget and a higher price doesn’t ensure the desired service. So you have to consider all the above-mentioned factors. After you buy the pool liners, you have to check up the liners periodically about the fades, cracks or any other problems. There are various types of pool liners available in the market, but at present, it is better to opt for the vinyl ones because they are easily available, easily repairable and also budget-friendly.

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