Swimming Pool Solar Cover Reviews

Top 5 Swimming Pool Solar Cover Reviews

Swimming pool solar cover, yes the name might sound a bit surprising, because why on earth would someone want to use a swimming pool cover, right? Well, the first reason is to keep the pool clean from dirt and dust. But if only the dirt and dust is the issue, then why would someone opt for the solar cover? Any normal cover would do.

The swimming pool solar cover or solar blankets in swimming pools have a different importance apart from just keeping the dirt and dust away. If you are not really an adventurous person who likes to take a dip in the ice-cold swimming pool water, then you would want to keep you swimming pool warm.

That is exactly what a Solar Cover for a swimming pool will do. To keep the pool warm, you just cannot use any gas or electric heaters. That would be extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Swimming Pool Solar Cover Reviews

If you don’t know how exactly a swimming pool solar cover works, then here in this article we will offer you with the complete details of the swimming pool solar covers. The swimming pool covers prevent water loss, reduce energy costs and also decrease the need to use chemical in swimming pools.

Before we get into the use and advantages of the swimming pool heaters, here is what exactly a swimming pool solar cover is. The solar cover is a cover for the swimming pool that heats up the water. It captures the heat energy from the sun and then transfers it to the water directly.

This is how your pool water will stay warm for a long period of time. It also depends on where you live. Even if the solar pool cover may not heat up the pool water like an electric heater, but it saves a lot of water from evaporation and also saves a lot of money.

Without a pool solar cover, a lot of water would be lost due to evaporation and radiation. So you have to replace the lost water and also the lost heat. Considering your living place, you can lose almost 4-6 feet of water in a year.

So the solar pool covers for the swimming pool prevents loss of heat and water in two ways. Apart from preventing the evaporation and radiation of the pool water, the solar pool covers also amplify the heat of the sun.

It is like a magnifying glass kept in between the sun and any other object. But not every swimming pool solar cover functions the same way. So you have to find the right swimming pool solar cover.

It is like a magnifying glass kept in between the sun and any other object. But not every swimming pool solar cover functions the same way. So you have to find the right swimming pool solar cover.

The advantages of Solar pool covers/blankets

The first advantage of the solar blankets is the money saving benefits as we have mentioned above. It will cut the cost of using the gas or electric heaters to keep the pool warm for a long period of time. Thus the monthly electric charge is reduced.

Secondly, the solar pool covers prevent the evaporation of water. It can reduce the evaporation of water by 95%. Now that is a whopping amount of water loss that you can avoid if you have a solar pool cover. I bet you definitely want to prevent water loss just because of evaporation.

Retaining the heat of the pools and keeping them warm is another advantage. When the night sets in, the temperature drops down as the air cools. Thus, the heat of the swimming pool attained during the day is lost quickly. If you have a pool solar cover floating over the water, it will prevent the heat loss and you can use the pool even at night if you wish.

Keeping debris and bugs out of the pool is another advantage that you get by using a swimming above ground pool blanket. This may not be the primary reason for the use of solar blankets, but these blankets will shield your pool from the bugs and debris. If the blanket traps the debris, then you can use a hand skimmer for scooping it out before you remove the cover. If this one prevents the debris, then you have to run the vacuum pump for a lesser amount of time. So, your electric and power costs will be saved.

The chemical cost is also reduced. When the water evaporation takes place, you will not only lose water but you will also lose the chemicals. The solar blanket will prevent the loss of chemicals to 35-60% from disappearing. So, swimming pool covers also prevent a lot of your money on chemicals.

How to use a solar pool cover?

When you first unpack the solar pool cover or blanket, it might be a bit unwieldy, but you can fix it easily. The first step is to unfold the pool cover just beside the pool. You have to spread it out with the bubble side down on top of the water. The bubbles are going to keep the cover afloat and they act as the little magnifying glass for heating up the pool. The blanket might be a bit bigger in size and this is why you have to trim out the excess part.

The next step is to leave a flap of 2-3 inches where you can place the skimmer. You will be able to tuck it under the edge of the skimmer. This will help you in pushing the debris within the skimmer before you remove the blanket.

You have to place the swimming pool covers in the pool when you are not using it. In the morning or during the day, it is best to place the blanket. You can also keep the blanket at night to prevent water loss due to evaporation. But before you get into the pool, you have to remove the blanket because you cannot swim with the pool cover on.

Buying a new solar blanket

There are certain things you have to consider while you are looking to buy a solar pool cover or a winter pool covers. You have measured the longest and also the widest points of the pool including the steps and the loveseats. When you get the solar blanket, it will be like a large rectangle sheet. You will find a lot of grades of solar blanket. The thickness of solar blankets varies too. You will see that there are solar blankets of thickness 8mil, 12 mils, and 16 mils. The thicker solar blankets have longer warranty periods.

It is true the thicker solar blankets have more warranty period, but while you are buying it, always consider half of the warranty offered by the brand. If you cannot take very good care of the blanket, then the solar pool cover will deteriorate in a very short period of time.

Thicker winter pool covers or solar covers have a thermal benefit than the thinner ones. They can retain the heat for a longer period of time and they are also more durable. But the thinner ones are less heavy and they are easy to move around. The very large solar blankets can be too costly and they are also difficult to ship. So you can opt for two small or medium-sized solar blankets for reducing the shipping costs. If you have a very large pool, then you can buy a large solar panel by custom order.

When you are buying swimming pool covers, you also have to check on the color of the pools. Almost all the colors will prevent the same amount of water and chemical evaporation. But all the colors of winter pool covers do not offer the same amount of heat transfer when it comes to capturing sun’s solar energy.

The most popular color in this regard is the blue colored ones. Opt for the clean colors. They block the least amount of the sun’s rays and offer the best solar heating. You can choose clear colored solar blankets like white or the transparent ones.

The clear solar cover for pool block 5-15% of the sun’s rays while the blue colored ones block 20-30% of the sun’s rays. So, the transparent or the clear ones are much more profitable.

But in case you still want the colored ones then it is better to opt for the blue ones because it blocks the least amount of sun rays among the colored solar blankets. To get the best and enhanced heating ability, you can use a solar pool cover with silver coating. It will reflect the added pool back into the pool.

The types of swimming pool solar covers

The primary reason why you would like to buy swimming pool covers is, these covers save money. The basic type of solar cover is the one which sits on top, prevents water from evaporating and keeps the heat contained.

The second type of swimming pool cover has got bubbles within it. Those bubbles absorb the heat and transfer it to the water of the pool. It can raise the temperature of the pool by 15 degrees. It is a bit difficult to store the solar covers in comparison to the other pool covers. They are not like any other swimming pool covers.

These covers just float above water. The automatic pool covers are not tied or anchored in any way. If you don’t have help, removing the solar pool cover can become a tedious task. Depending on the size of the pool, it might become a challenge to store the solar swimming pool covers.

So these are the things that you have to remember while buying inground pool covers. It is one of the best articles to prevent your pool. And now let us have a look at the top 5 swimming pool solar covers that you can get.


#1. Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Heating Pool Cover

Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Heating Pool Cover

This is the top solar pool cover on our list. It comes in attractive blue design and this one has got thousands of tiny bubbles which will collect and retain the heat energy from the sun. The blue color offers a very bright and appealing look. It prevents 95% of the solar pool water evaporation.

It can keep the pool water warm for a long period of time. It is very easy to put on and then take it off. It has got a great heat retention capability and doesn’t lose the warmth easily. The material of this Sun2Solar swimming pool solar cover is soft yet very much durable. Being soft, it is easy to trim off the additional parts.


  • Very good build quality.
  • Comes with bubbles with excellent heat retention capability.
  • These in-ground pool covers are easy to install and put off.
  • The material is very much durable and hardy resin.
  • Excellent customer service facility.
  • It blocks undesired dust, dirt, and debris.


  • Some of the customers complained that they didn’t get the right dimensions for their swimming pool.
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#2. Supreme Blue Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

Supreme Blue Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

This one is 20 feet by 40 feet rectangle pool solar cover which comes with innumerable bubbles for additional heat retaining capability. This one is also blue in color like the previous one in our list. Looks wise, it is very attractive.

With the use of this solar cover reel for swimming pool, you can retain heat, minimize the evaporation and just jump into the warm swimming pool at any time of day or night. In just a single day, the pool water went from 71 to 74. And in the next couple of days, the temperature reached 82 degrees. The cost is less compared to other brands of solar pool covers.


  • Very durable and heavy-duty durable resin material.
  • Additional heat retaining capability.
  • This solar cover reel can warm up the pools faster than other solar pool cover brands
  • Thousands of heat bubbles can capture and transmit heat for a long period of time.
  • Helps in keeping the pool free of dust and dirt and blocks undesired debris.


  • There are no cons available for this product at present.
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#3. Harris 16 ft. x 32 ft. Rectangle Solar Cover

Harris 16 ft. x 32 ft. Rectangle Solar Cover

The third on our list is the Harris 16*32 ft. rectangle solar cover. It has got an excellent heat retention capability. The cost is very affordable and it increases the pool temperature by a whopping 15 degrees in a very short period of time. The solar pool cover will prevent any chemical release or dissipation.

The installation is very easy and hassles free. One of the best features of this solar pool blanket is, it allows the sunshine to penetrate the surface and warms up the water fast. The brand offers very fast customer service facility and the response time in case of any repairs or replacement is quick.


  • Excellent heat retaining capability.
  • Can increase the temperature of the pool very fast.
  • The material is extra heavy-duty resin.
  • Prevents debris, dust and any other dirt particles.
  • This solar cover reel allows 95% of the UV rays to penetrate the pool directly.
  • These solar covers are very flexible and come with the aluminized coating.


  • Some of the customers complained about receiving a defective product.
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#4. Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular 12-Mil Solar Blanket

Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular 12-Mil Solar Blanket

The Blue Wave solar pool cover is available in different sizes and mostly it is rectangular in shape. One of the best features of the Blue Wave solar pool cover is, it can heat up the pool up to 15 degrees very quickly and it can retain that heat for a long period of time.

The solar cover is loaded with innumerable thermal bubbles which help in the retention of heat. The solar cover for above ground pool is blue in color and it is transparent which allows the sun rays to penetrate into the pool very easily, making the pool warm.

The cover is UV protected, so even if it allows the UV rays to pass on, the cover itself will retain its durability. This solar cover has got a warranty of 5 years.


  • Heats up the water pretty quickly.
  • Easy to install and pull it off.
  • Allows the UV rays to pass and retains the heat for a long period of time.
  • Comes with bubbles acting as thermal insulators for retaining the heat.
  • The solar cover for above ground pool is blue but the cover is transparent allowing easy passage for sun rays.


  • The warranty was misleading for a few customers.
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#5. Ultra Clear Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover

Ultra Clear Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover

This is the last one on our list of the top 5 swimming pool solar covers. This cover will reduce the operating costs and it will help you extend your swimming pool season for a long time.

This is one of the best solar pool covers available in the market because it reduces chemical consumption, pools heating costs and also reduces water evaporation. The solar cover is made up of high-quality aluminized bottom layers which can transfer heat better.

The design of this solar cover for above ground pool is very light in weight and this is why it is easy to remove from the pool. It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 8 years.


  • The cover is very light in weight.
  • Comes with high-quality polymer materials to reduce chemical and solar degradation.
  • It is recommended by the American Council of energy because of its low energy consumption, reduced chemical consumption, and reduced evaporation.
  • It can resist the solar degradation better than any other solar pool cover materials.
  • The operational costs are lesser than any of the above-mentioned swimming pool solar covers.
  • The warranty period is 8 years.


  • A few of the users complained that their solar pool cover didn’t last for a very long period of time and they needed replacement.
  • There were also complaints about the pool cover falling apart and disintegrating.
  • The heat transfer is good but the durability was unsatisfactory.
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Trimming the solar blankets

In this article, we have already mentioned that if you have bought solar blankets which are larger in size than your pool, then you have to trim it. To trim the solar blankets, you need to follow a certain process. Before trimming the blanket, it is better to leave it out one day over the pool. It will let the blanket open up and the packing wrinkles will gradually fade away. Thus it will result in better trimming.

After the solar cover for pool is opened, you have to re-center it over the pool once again and then cover the corners with something heavy. Allow it to slacken and it should not be tight but just floating with bubble side down.

You have to use a very sharp razor knife or scissors. You have to cut a lot and the razor knife is just the perfect tool. You have to make the blanket fit edge to edge. Cut the blanket all the way throughout the pool and make sure that the corners are also cut properly. The additional cut off material can be cut into squares and used as packing material. You can also recycle it along the previous solar blanket.

Cleaning the solar blanket

The pool cover cleaner is just the perfect way for cleaning the solar blanket. You can also use a soft brush or the pool brush with a lot of water for cleaning the solar blanket. You have to wet the solar blanket, and then use the telescopic pole and pool brush. Take a bit of solar blanket cleaner and then scrub it.

If you want to, then you can also clean the solar pool cover when it is above the pool. When the scrubbing is finished, you can just take the hose and spray all the dirty water within the skimmer opening. You can then remove the solar pool cover and place it on the lawn to dry. You can also place it on a slope to dry and automatic pool covers will make it easier for you to rinse. Just hose off the solar cover for fast cleaning and use the leaf net for removing the debris.

Some Additional Tips On Solar Pool Covers

1. You need to remember that the solar pool covers are not the safety covers. They are just a reminder to keep the pool covered and clean from any dust and dirt and also to keep the heat of the pool maintained.

2. We know that a lot of you might prefer the slightly larger solar pool covers which are a bit larger than the ground pool size. For instance, you might want a 14*20 cover for a 12*18 pool. The reason for such preference is the extra length and breadth will extend into the top edge of the pool and prevent any debris. Even if debris falls on the cover, it will become very easy to remove them with a leaf skimmer. If you buy automatic pool covers exactly as the size of the pool, then the debris will drop to the bottom of the pool and it will become difficult to clean the pool.

3. It is great to use a solar cover all the time. But during the daytime, you can keep the pool open in the direct sunlight. The direct sunlight will warm the pool water faster than it will heat it with the solar cover on it. To get the best results, you can keep the swimming pool open at during the day and use the solar cover at night when there is no sun.

4. You can buy a solar cover reel. It is really difficult to pack and remove the solar covers. They are heavy in size. If you use a solar cover reel, it will become easy for you to cover it, pack it and keep the solar covers when you don’t need them. It reduces your labor of packing the solar covers.

How to remove a solar blanket?

Now, if you have a large pool and you like to swim often, then removing the pool cover frequently can become a tedious job. You can do one thing. Just cut the solar blanket in different smaller panels and it will be easy for you to remove one piece at a time. If you don’t want to cut the blanket, then a good alternative is to use the solar cover reel.

The solar swimming pool covers are good for both in-ground and above ground pools. All you have to do is just attach one end of the solar blanket within the reel and then, you have to turn the handle or the wheel. The blanket will then just move into the wheel and this will save you a lot of hard work.

A lot of solar blankets come with in-built reels so that it becomes easy for you to roll up and cover it up and keep the reel aside. Some other solar blankets come with the mounting hardware so that you can install it in one location. You have to decide which one will suit your swimming pool depending on the space you have around the pool.

One thing you need to know is, it is really important to remove the above ground pool covers before you get into the pool. Take care that the blanket is removed before any small children or pets get into the pool. It is not enough to remove it partially or folding it back because they might be trapped under the blanket. To avoid this risk, you have to remove it completely.

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Precautions to take while using a solar pool blanket/cover

Don’t store the pool cover in sunlight when you are not using the cover. The pool cover will get extremely hot and the plastic material will gradually degrade. Also, don’t keep the pool cover over the grass or lawn when you are not using it. Since the solar covers absorb the sun rays, it will absorb the heat of the sun and the grass will get burnt off.

Take care that no person/animal falls over the pool. If anyone falls into the pool, then they will get wrapped around the above ground pool covers and it will become really difficult to get out. If someone swims under the pool cover and tries to find for air, they won’t get any. So it is imperative that you take appropriate supervision.

A lot of solar blankets are shipped with solar blanket covers. You can use them for storage. Make sure that the blanket is clean and dry before folding. In the winter season, don’t keep the solar covers out.


So these are the top 5 swimming pool solar covers that you can choose when you are looking to get the best solar cover. In this article, we have covered almost each and every aspect regarding the swimming pool solar covers.

You will get all the necessary details about how to buy the winter pool covers, what things to consider about your pool, how to use and maintain the solar covers, what are the advantages of it, how to clean it, how to trim it and any other necessary details all are available in this article.

Finally, I want to say that, if you are going to make a certain investment on the swimming pool solar covers, then it is better to search more on the solar pool covers and you can also make your own list of the best solar covers. There is also other solar pool covers available and you can have a look at them too.

If it suits you, then you know what things you have to consider before buying it. The material is one of the most important things. The pool cover will resist, sun rays, rains, storms, debris, dirt, and dust.

So you have to make sure that you buy the best quality solar cover for pool. We recommend you to not compromise on that. And since this one is a solar pool cover, the primary function should be to keep it warm, so you also have to take care of the heat retaining capability and how fast it can heat up the pool.

If you can take care of these factors then you can rest assured for the next 8-10 years that you have purchased a very good solar pool cover.

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