Swimming Pool Steps And Ladder Reviews

Best Swimming Pool Steps And Ladder Reviews

For most of the swimming pool lovers, the best place to take rest for a while without leaving the pool is the steps. It doesn’t matter whether your pool is an in-ground pool or an above ground pool.

If you have well maintained above ground pool ladders, then it will make a huge difference than any other common swimming pools. Swimming pools or steps are very helpful for the kids and elders.

A lot of pools are designed perfectly with pool ladders and steps making it a perfect place to relax with a good book or a glass of wine. It is also a good place to supervise young swimmers in both the deep and shallow ends. You might have seen a lot of trainers sit on the stairs of the pool and check whether young swimmers are correctly swimming or not. So the stairs on the pool are actually quite useful as well.

It is universally accepted that a good set of above ground pool ladders can change any ordinary pool into a heaven of relaxation. If you have children at your home and they love to visit the pool frequently,

then it is a good idea to install multiple stairs or steps at the deep end. Steps on different sides of the pool will make it easier for people to get in and out of the pool.

There are a lot of brands and organizations which offer great quality swimming pool steps and ladders of different designs and styles.


When you are looking to get the right above ground pool ladders, you will get a lot of choices. You have to figure out the right pool steps depending on your use.

There are some pool ladders and steps which are wide and come with railings. Thus it makes easy to get in and out of the pool for elderly people. While other pool ladders are narrow and they leave a lot of space for the swimmers. According to the climate of your area, you can invest into the removable or foldable pool steps so that you can store them inside your house easily.

Steps Or The Ladders?

In this article, we are saying you can opt for the pool “steps or ladders”. So what is the difference between a pool step and a ladder? For the pool steps, those have wider treads.

Thus they are considered safer than ladders. In case of ladders, you will need more strength to pull yourself out of the pool. The reason is, ladders are narrower and more vertical than the steps.

The ladder system comes with an A-frame design where two ladders are placed on each side of the pool. If you check out the economy versions of the ladders, they are a bit shaky to use. While if you want to get a stable ladder, then you have to get a wider one with a more stable footprint.

There is also the Economy step system which comes with wide pool steps and thus, they are easier to use. These wider step systems offer a nice place to sit and relax. But it also comes with a step exterior ladder and this is why it can be difficult to climb sometimes.

The deluxe swimming pool ladders are the best ones with wider treads on both sides. It comes with an easy to use dual step system instead of an external ladder. You can get both in-ground and above-ground steps and ladders for swimming pools. Here are the different varieties of pool steps and ladders.

Verities Of Ladders And Steps

The A-Frame ladders

These are the most common ladders for the above ground pools. It is a ladder with rungs which is placed outside the pool and there is another ladder with rungs which remains inside the pool.

Almost each and every A-Frame ladders are made of resin and they can take the weight of people of 300 pounds. The A-Frames which remain attached to the top of the pool rails and this is what makes these frames much more stable.

All the A-Frame swimming pool ladders are safety ladders which have outside rungs and you can remove them or pull them off the ground. This prevents small children from getting into the pool.

The In-Pool Ladder

This is almost identical to the A-Frame ladder, but this one doesn’t have the rungs on the outside. In case of the in-pool ladders, you can use it if your pool has a deck because if you have a deck, you won’t have to step up from the ground. You can also do it in another way.

Some of the users get an above ground pool at first and then they install a deck. They make use of the A-Frame swimming pool ladders till the deck is built and then they cut off the outside portion of the A-frame. Thus, they use it as an in-pool ladder with a new deck.

Ladder outside and steps inside

It is great if you have a deck. Steps from the pool are a great option instead of just climbing the rungs for two reasons. One is, they are wider and to step on and also they have the rails on both sides making it easy to get in and out. The steps also make a good landing for the short kids and they can hold more weight than pool ladders for above ground pools.

Steps On Inside And Steps On Inside

This is one of the best systems for the entry and exit of the ground pools. These steps are wide and they are flat steps which go all the way to the top. Then these steps go over the wall and then all the way down into the water. Steps of this kind also come with hand railings both on the outside and inside.

It is good for those who need a support to get into the pool. If your pool doesn’t have a deck and still you need support for the elderly people, then this one is a great option.

But a disadvantage of this pool ladders for above ground pools is, it is easily accessible to the kids. Thus you have to install locks or gates outside so that kids cannot climb inside the pool. The weight limit of these steps is 500 pounds.

Insider steps

This kind of steps is for the above ground swimming pools along with the decks. In these kinds of steps, the swimmers will be able to get access to the top of the pool through the deck. This is why you will need access only to get in and get out of the pool. These steps are better than just an in-pool ladder because these steps are wider and easy to place your feet.

Swimming Pool Steps And Ladder Reviews

Wedding cake steps for in-ground pools

These are very common steps for the above ground pools especially the ones which have decks. These steps are called the wedding cake steps. The steps are designed like cakes with small round one at the top and then each step goes wider as you go towards the end of the steps.

These pool ladders for above ground pools have a rail which will assist the swimmers for getting in and out of the pool. Since these steps are curved in shape, then have got a lot more stepping area. Thus, it is safer for the kids. These cake steps are not well attached to the top of the pool and this is why it is important to weigh them down. But there is also a disadvantage of these steps.

They take up a lot of space and this is why they are not good for the smaller pools. But there is also an advantage. Most of these steps are injection molded and this is why you will need a very less effort in assembling it.

The variants of pool steps

Speaking about the in ground pool ladder steps, it might be difficult for a lot of people to use the ladder. This is why, even though the pool ladders were popular and a good choice, still it was not used hugely among the swimming pool users.

Pool steps are a better alternative than the pool ladders. There are Drop-in pool steps for the in ground swimming pools. They are very much affordable and sturdy. You can position the drop-in pool steps in any place of your swimming pool. For the in-ground pools, there are two pool steps.

One is the grand entrance step and the other is the curve step system. Both these inground pool steps are easy to assemble and they are adjustable for the slope of the floor. You can use these steps for the shallow areas where the depth is around 36-42”.

Few additional things to know about swimming pool steps and ladders

It is better to install the ladder and the pool ladder parts when the pool is half filled. The above ground pool liner is not set before it is half filled. And this is why if you want to avoid any damage, then you have to wait for some time till the pool is half filled before you place the steps within the pool.

You have to make sure that the entry system is secure. Make sure that the steps are weighed down very well. This is the place where chances of getting injured are most. Thus, make sure that it is in stable condition and not wobbly. Most of the systems for the above ground pools are not attached to the top rails and if it doesn’t feel quite stable, then you have to bolt your steps at the top of the pool. Since the ladders or the steps will float a little in water, you have to weigh them down. Here are the best 5 swimming pool steps and ladders.

If you are buying steps and pool ladder parts for above ground pools, then you must buy the durable ones. The reason is, above ground pools will need the strength and material to withstand the weight, the chemicals also, since they remain submerged under water. The above ground pool steps and ladders are made up of a variety of materials like Aluminum, vinyl, stainless steel, resin, and plastic. The ladders of above ground pools must be designed in such a way that they can meet different shapes and sizes.

One more thing is, the cost of the above ground pool will vary depending on the material used and also the size of the ladder used for the pool. The pool length, material quality, and durability are the primary factors driving the price of above ground pool steps. The stainless steel pool ladders cost more than the vinyl ones because they are more durable.

The resins and stainless steel ones cost almost the same. If you want more affordable ones, then you can opt for the aluminum pool ladder parts or the plastic ones. But their life span is shorter than the stainless steel ones. Here are the top 5 swimming pool steps and ladders that you can buy.


#1. Confer Staircase Above Ground Pool Steps

Confer Staircase Above Ground Pool Steps

This is the first in our list of intex pool ladder. It comes with very sturdy resin polymers and this is why this one is very much affordable. This ladder is easy to assemble and the steps are large making it easy to move into the pool. It is designed for the above ground swimming pools which are 48-52 inches high and it can deck up to 60 inches.

The pool steps are 31 inches wide and 47 inches high. The resin polymers will prevent the strong UV rays of the sun and it lasts for a pretty long period of time. It comes with dual hand rails and it also has two mounting brackets which help to fasten it up to the deck.


  • It can carry a maximum weight of 400lbs which is pretty good.
  • There are side supports and you can fill it up with sand or pea gravel for making it solid.
  • There are handrails available along with it.
  • The installation is very easy.
  • The looks are great and the material is very much sturdy.
  • Affordable and yet durable in quality.


  • There are no such cons available at the moment.
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#2. Blue Wave Easy Pool Step

Blue Wave Easy Pool Step

The new intex pool ladder from the brand Blue Wave makes your getting in and out of the pool very easy. The material is rugged and it is designed in such a way that very less maintenance is necessary. You can use it for the pools with 54 inch in depth.

There are double handrails available and the steps are slip resistant which makes it very safe to use even for the elderly people also. This step system is built in such a way that it will allow great water and chemical circulation.

It also eliminates any dead water where algae can grow. The design is patented and easy to install. You can easily remove the ballast weight from this intex pool ladder.


  • Easy and firm footings and the steps are also slip-resistant. It is safer than other swimming pool steps.
  • Perforated steps allow water and chemical circulation and also reduce the chance of algae growth.
  • The steps are designed in such a way that it meets the NSPI standards for safety and swimmer entrapments.
  • The steps are made up of durable material and it is completely maintenance free.


  • Some of the customers complained that the reinforcement bars are not very sturdy.
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#3. Main Access 200100T Swimming Pool Smart Step System

Main Access 200100T Swimming Pool Smart Step System

This inground pool ladder comes with a Smart Step System which has got a very innovative and comfortable entry and exit points. There is a 24” wide step which allows a lot of room for a smooth transition and this is why you can maximize the swim area of the pool.

There is an additional heavy duty structural grade ladder available which offers stable footing. One of the best features of the ladder is it comes with swing up, lift and lock safety feature. The smart step system has got the superior strength to weight performance, stability and also it is very affordable. It is a combination of the 200600T Smart Step and 200700T Smart Choice ladder.


  • The ladder is very light in weight but the sturdy and durable material makes it great for using.
  • The ladder offers stable footing.
  • It is 24” in width which comes with heavy duty structural grade material with Swing up and lifts and locks safety feature.
  • Above Ground Pool ladder doesn’t take up too much space and this is why the swimming pool area is not reduced.
  • It is easy to install and very much affordable for users.


  • Few customers complained that the steps were not very sturdy.
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#4. SR Smith ART 1001S MG Artisan Series Single Pool Hand Rail

SR Smith ART 1001S MG Artisan Series Single Pool Hand Rail

The SR Smith ART 1001SMG Artisan Single Series Pool hand rail is sleek in design and offers elegance to your pool surface. I can assure you that this one will completely change the look and feel of your pool. You can get customized designs for easy and retro fit. It has got the existing anchors which replace the traditional rails. The anchors are AS100P plastic or you can also get the AS100B bronze anchors.

There are EP 100F Stainless escutcheons. The material is stainless steel and this is why it is very much sturdy. It weighs only 15 pounds which are considerably lighter in weight. This inground pool ladder has got artisan handrail and you will not need any professionals for installing it. You can turn your traditional swimming pool into a much more modern one.


  • Considering the looks, this one is just a beauty.
  • It is unique with stainless steel frame and anchors in plastic or steel materials.
  • The brand offers customized designs and retro fit anchors.
  • The build quality is excellent and very much durable.
  • Light in weight and easy to setup for pools of different dimensions.
  • There is no visible welds or slag.


  • No prominent cons at the moment for this product.
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#5. Above Ground Pool Mighty Step 38-Inch

Above Ground Pool Mighty Step 38-Inch

This is the last one on our list of best-swimming pool steps and ladders. It is the perfect one for the flat bottom above ground swimming pools which are 48-54 inch. The steps are curved and these steps come with water circulation openings and this is why it limits the growth of algae.

Another important feature of the steps is, they are wide and flat and they also have a non-slip texture. In the two handrails of these steps, you can feel the stability and safety while you enter and exit the pool. The design of these steps is simple yet they are sturdy enough to carry a weight of 400 pounds. It comes with a warranty of only one year which is not very satisfactory.


  • Comes with two easy grab hand rails.
  • The material is very sturdy and it can carry weight up to 400 lbs.
  • It is best suited for the flat bottom and above ground pools.
  • The hand rails come with deck mounting brackets.


  • Even though the product is good, the warranty period is very less. It is only one year and this is why a lot of customers are reluctant to buy it.
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Above ground pool steps and ladders

The pool stairs for above ground pool are easy to install and they are as much popular as the in-ground pools. They are cost effective and easy to manage. If you are having a pool deck or a partial deck within the pool, then you can use the in-pool ladder or you can also opt for the pool step. Both of them are attachable to the pool deck. In case you have a pool deck, then you can use the A-Frame type of ladders. The ladders are a bit less expensive than the steps and the steps are much more substantial with the deeper and wider and treads.

The steps are comfortable to use and they are less wobbly. The ladders work better on above ground pools with a sloped edge while the steps are better on the flat floor. Coming to the cost of the steps and ladders, you will get both steps and ladders to be in the price range of 100-500$.

The expensive steps and ladders are wider and taller in nature and they can handle more weight. Another advantage of pool stairs for above ground pool is, you will have the safety features like the locking gates and they also have extended warranty periods.

Pool ladder accessories

There is a safety kit available with every single pool ladder or step you buy. The safety kit comes with heavy duty resin box steps which will touch the wall and they will not get caught behind the ladder. The safety kit also comes with side rails and it will prevent any side slippage.

Now, if you have automatic pool cleaner, chances are the cleaners might get caught into the pool ladder. This is why you will get the ladder guards. In the ladder accessories of inground pool steps, you will also get the soft neoprene covers for the pool hand rails and also the ladders.

The safety of step and ladder

It is needless to say that this is the most important thing you will consider while buying a ladder or step. Since you have to maximize the safety of the step or ladder, you have to look for something that is durable, capable of carrying heavy weight and stable for the above ground pools. If you have a lot of users for your pool, then you need to check out the expensive options because they must be able to carry out the weight of users or any rough treatment by the kids.

The ladders with step systems or with gates are better. If you can opt for the flip-up pool stairs for above ground pool then they are great too. Those ladders are safer than open ladders which cannot be locked. It is better to not opt for the ladders or steps that you cannot lock.

Even if you have a good fencing around the pools, then also a secondary barrier on the pool is a good idea. This will prevent kids or pet animals to get into the pool. You also have to make sure that the above ground pool is installed perfectly.

In ground pool ladders

These pool ladder steps come with a 3 step design but in case you have different depths, these ladders can be customized into 2 and 4 step ladders as well. These ladders are mostly made up of stainless steel and the tubes are bent and given a high gloss to offer a chrome finish.

In the category of the 3 step ladders, you will find two variations, the first one is with the plastic threads and it is suitable for most of the household environments. It can hold a weight up to 250 pounds. The other variant of the three step ladder is the stainless steel one which is thicker and it is good for the commercial purpose. The design of in ground pool ladder steps is not fitted from the beginning.

But these ladders are brought to change the look and use of the existing swimming pool. You can install it separately to change the appearance and replace the normal ladders which don’t work easily. You will find the hand rails in the in-ground pool ladders. These rails will offer a tired swimmer with a proper support while getting out of the pool. Apart from that, the rails also offer a safe entry and exit of the pool for elders and kids.

Pool ladder installation, repair, and maintenance

The installation of in ground pool ladder is not a very difficult one. Any professional with knowledge of ladder installation can do it. Even the repair and maintenance of the in ground pool ladders is not a very tough one.

The different ladder parts are replaceable only the rails are not replaceable; you can get the other parts easily. After using them for a long period of time, you will have to replace the tread, the stainless steel bolts, the ladder bumpers, the escutcheon plates, anchor sockets, and wedges. If you are too worried about the replacement of different parts of the pool ladder, then you can rest assured because they are all DIY friendly.

The only thing you have to take care is the worn out treads or the bumpers. Make sure that the bolts are tight in case a tread feels loose. Also, it is advised to keep the anchor sockets of inground pool steps clean and flushed.


Now that we have come to the end of the article, I will suggest that these are the best swimming pool steps and ladders that you can get in the market. But you can make your own customized choice and search according to the criteria and dimension of the pool of your house.

But any swimming pool ladders or steps you buy, it will be helpful for you if you can remember the above-mentioned factors for the inground pool ladder. Check out the design, safety, durability and also the weight carrying capability before confirming a swimming pool step.

You will get a lot of brands and when you buy, it will be a good idea to opt for the mid-range to expensive products. Those products last for a longer period of time and offer value for money. Not always the cheap ladders offer the required services or the quality as promised.

You cannot compromise with the safety and quality of swimming above ground pool steps. Another important factor is the warranty of the steps you buy. So if you want to get the best after sales services and have the peace of mind, then choose products with good warranty.

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